Thursday, January 24, 2013

Looks We Love: The Bubble Necklace

We love a lot of little trends in fashion, but there are always a few that really stick out or that we see a lot of. Recently, the bubble necklace has been everywhere, and it's no wonder! This cute necklace design comes in so many different colors, sizes and shapes we can hardly think of an outfit that one wouldn't go with!

I bought this bubble necklace at a local store that was going out of business for a STEAL! I paid $14 dollars for this necklace, original price? Anyone care to guess? $70!!

I of course almost ran to the cashier with this in my hand, (it was the last one in sight)!

It resembles the quality, size and color of one I had seen in Jcrew recently, but was not about to pay $100+ for!

Anyways, want an up close picture of this beauty?! If course you do...


Just where can you can a cute bubble necklace for yourself, you ask?
Read on!

There are LOTS of options, no matter the budget!

J.Crew has their bubble necklace for $150.00 online.
It comes in (3) colors: black, morning sky and turquoise

Windsor has a cute peach bubble necklace for $14.90
It looks like it only comes in the peach color...

Etsy has a wide variety from $7.00 - $20
The color possibilities appear to be endless!
THIS ONE from "BubbleWorld" for $9.99 really caught my eye!

Hope you enjoyed this post and we are glad to be able to share it with you! We hope you can stop by one of the fine retailers above and purchase your first, or 10th, bubble necklace!

Also, let us know what you think about the bubble necklace trend, do you have one? What would be your favorite color? Was this post helpful in finding an affordable solution for you? Would you like to see more posts like this one?

Thanks for reading!


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