Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fit Bits: Egg and Pork Breakfast Bowl

Abs are made in the kitchen.

We always here this from people who have killer six packs. I am here to tell you…. They are right. A fit and strong body is built on clean food and exercise. Not the other way around. You will never be able to out work a bad diet. 

As this is the first Fit Bit I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about the secret to a healthy body. Are you ready? It is preparation! There is no magic pill that will give you the body you want without putting in work in the kitchen and gym. 

Now, there are many eating philosophies out there, and they all work, but they work for different people for different reasons. I am pro- Paleo myself, but tweek it to include dairy every once in awhile. Being a vegetarian will also keep you lean and strong, if eating clean and unprocessed foods. With both of those (and any other clean eating plan) you need to buy clean food to have ready to prepare. 

If you are like me and wake up at 4:30 in the morning to workout, having your food already cooked and divided for the day is a blessing. There is no chance you will grab a Pop-Tart if you have a yummy egg and pork stacked breakfast waiting for you in the microwave.

So we agree… Preparation is key. I will be sharing recipes that I tackle myself and show you that it is possible to enjoy your life, food, and health!

What you'll need:
-5 Eggs
-10 oz of cooked Pork (or any already cooked meat you have in your fridge)
-1 small onion
-Mc Cormick Perfect Pinch – Roasted Garlic and Red Pepper
-Extra Virgin Olive Oil

What To Do:

-Separate your containers and add your oil to a pan, leaving heat on medium. That way it is ready for your onions.

-Dice your onion and sprinkle McCormick Perfect Pinch – Roasted Garlic and Red Pepper (to taste). It packs a wallop so start with a little than add more if necessary. Once diced and seasons throw into pan, leaving heat on medium so they don’t over cook.
-While your onions are sautéing grab your meat and shred with your hands. Once all of your meat is shredded separate into 5 containers, making sure the amount is roughly the same. (You can use a food scale to double check the amount, I eyeball it). Your meat has already gone through a cooking process and has been refrigerated once before, which is why we are just adding it cold to the containers and NOT cooking it again.

-Once your onions are cooked, spoon even amounts into all of your containers over your meat.


Now for the fun part, the eggs!

-I don’t like to scramble my eggs, it’s a texture thing, and this is a very easy way to cook them. Crack the egg on your already hot pan and break the yolk. Flip when the bottom is cooked. This makes the egg easy to transfer from pan to container and you won’t lose any of it on your pan.
TADA! You have just made a healthy and filling breakfast for yourself for the whole week! (The eggs will keep for the week, just make sure to eat them.)

-I pair mine with either a fruit or a 100 calorie Greek yogurt cup. This keeps my breakfast under 300 calories and that works for me. If you need it to contain a higher calorie load you can have oatmeal, more fruit, or just a bigger cup of yogurt.

Easy, quick, and wallet friendly!


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