Monday, January 21, 2013

Back to Basics: Skincare (Dry/Sensitive)

Welcome to the first edition of our Back to Basics series. Throughout this series we will be covering the basics of things like foundation applications, concealing, blush application and more! The basic things you should know, at any age or skill level!

For our first B2B, we want to cover skincare, since that is really the best foundation for any routine. We have lumped the skincare segment into (2) parts; dry/sensitive and oily/combo. This post will cover the dry/sensitive types (like myself!)

Through this post we will go over some basic do's and don'ts, then we will move into some recommended products for a dry/sensitive skin routine. I will also let you in on which products I use currently and how they do (or do not) really work for me!

Let's get started!

(Do's and Don'ts)

Do: Drink plenty of H2O! It is important to keep your body hydrated from the inside out! Slathering on moisturizers won't do any good if you aren't fighting the hydration battle on both fronts! Don't really like plain ol' water? Have some hot tea, cold tea or some water flavors to help you get the recommended daily intake. Just watch out for too much sugar, as it will just cancel out your efforts!

Don't: As much as it pains me to say this, as I am a culprit, don't take hot showers! Especially in the winter when air is normally dryer. It may feel amazing, steaming up the mirrors while dancing to your favorite Glee song and making shampoo mohawks (I'm not the only one, am I?!) but all of that hot water will seriously dry your skin out, making all of your moisturizing efforts before and after, for naught.

Do: Use hypo-allergenic makeup. There are some great drug-store options for dry and sensitive skin that won't irritate or clog pores. (Neutrogena or Physicians Formula have some great options) Wear a primer too! This is a step that everyone can benefit from. It creates a nice barrier between your skin, and also allows the product to lay smoother and for an extended period of time!

Don't: Rub your face (with your hands or that towel!) When you are stepping out of your now lukewarm shower, or just finished your nighttime cleansing routine, you should always pat your face dry. This is less traumatic for your skin, tugs less and lets your skin naturally absorb some of the leftover water. Also, try and be mindful through the day that you're not rubbing your hands all over your face. We come in contact with so much grime and bacteria, that it can easily find it's way onto your face and create some serious complexion problems! So, keep your hands clean and off your beautiful face!

(My Routine & Recommended Products)

I have been dealing with dry skin since I can remember, and am pretty close to a routine of products that works for me. Hopefully this will give you some ideas on where to start, or what to try for your own dry/sensitive face routine.


1. Pre-Cleanse


2. Exfoliate


3. Cleanse


4. Toner


5. Moisturizer

   5a - daytime

   5b - nighttime


Thanks for making it down this far! I hope you enjoyed this first part of our Back to Basics Series! When we move into makeup applications, there will be video tutorials, which will give you another viewing option! 

Please let us know what you thought! Was this helpful? Did you get some new product ideas to try? Do you have any questions, comments, requests or constructive criticism? Sound off in the comments!

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We look forward to hearing from you!

note: all views and opinions expressed in the above post are that of the author only. no intentional copyright, or infringement intended. we are not professionals, please read all product labels for possible warnings and ingredient lists before purchase and use. thank you!

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