Thursday, January 10, 2013

Feedback Request + Disney Princesses gone Vogue?

Reminder: There will be an awesome GIVEAWAY at 50 likes on our facebook page, so if you're here and haven't had the chance to make it over there, we would appreciate it if you did. Also, every like and share helps, so be sure to share the FB page and tell all your friends about our upcoming giveaway. (we are currently at 21 likes)

We have just under 400 page views (396) since starting this blog on January 1st! I continue to be amazed at how fast our little adventure is growing and taking off in such a short amount of time. We are preparing some really awesome things that we want to share with you all in the coming days and months!

I want to start off by asking for some feedback. 400 page views and 21 likes in only 10 days is a fair amount of traffic for a new blog, especially in the fashion/beauty industry. We want to make sure we are reviewing things, and creating clothing looks or tutorials on what our audience (that's you!) wants to see, and what will bring you back and keep you engaged.

We do certainly take requests in the form of a comment on here or FB, or if you want to shoot us a email. We will always LOVE hearing from visitors new and repeating. 

For example, have you been debating on switching from powder to cream blush? Want to get some ideas on how to wear a maxi skirt? Have an upcoming event and need some hairstyle ideas? Are you looking for a dramatic makeup tutorial? Virtually no challenge is too great or small for us to do! As I said before, we have a lot of things that WE want to do, and share with you, but is there something specific that you want from us?

Those were just some of my thoughts for this evening, so that we can keep the growth happening. So, don't forget to let us know what you think!

In other news, have you all seen the Vogue Disney Princesses?! They are spectacular! I have been very inspired by them and plan to create some tutorials based on a few that I adore!

You can check them all out at *dantetyler's Deviant Art gallery.

Stay tuned tomorrow for an awesome hair tutorial by our lovely Marina!

Thanks for reading!

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