Friday, August 30, 2013

IFB Project #110: Fall Boots

Fall is my favorite time of year, and boots are my all time favorite things to wear. There is something about boots everywhere I go, that I feel compelled to buy them all. Unfortunately, my budget does not allow for such grand splurges, so I usually stalk my local Target and XXI, patiently waiting on the fall boots to fill the clearance racks, so that I can snag a few pair at a nice price and hang on to them for the next fall. 

But, that's not to say a girl can't dream right? So, I want to partake in my first ever IFB Project and present some of my fall boot lusts, musts and of course, some splurges!

Ankle Boots:

Wedge Boots:

Da Viccino Mona - $43.45

Tall Boots:

Equestrian Riding Boots - $39.80

Combat Boots:

Well, ladies and gents, that's a wrap! How do you all prepare for the fall? Do you like boots? If so, what's your favorite style? Ankle, Wedge, Tall, Combat? If you are a HeartIFB member, feel free to friend me so we can connect! 

If you leave a comment, make sure you leave your URL so I can stop by and say hello!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Review: OLIV Clothing

I wanted to spotlight this great up and coming clothing brand, OLIV  and write up a review of their #2000 and #3000 collection for you all! 

OLIV was founded in April 2013 and is based in India. The company is run by Kanupriya Malik, Ashna Gupta, and Ashwinder Khurana. Together with their obsession over design, customer service, affordable price-point and product quality, you get their signature OLIV look. 

On top of that, OLIV offers free shipping across all cities in India and guarantees the product to reach you within 5-7 days of your order. No word on US availability yet, but as I become aware of developments, you all will too!

Contact: //

Since their current tag line is "Classy, Sexy, Sassy, Party, Office, Daily. OLIV has it all." I thought, what better way to showcase these collections, then by choosing one garment for each adjective! (based on my personal style, of course) I decided to combine the sexy and sassy description, since those two thing usually compliment each other. It was so hard to only choose 5 out of the 31 beautiful pieces in these collections. 

{Note: rs. #### is the cost in Indian Rupees. I have also converted it to $, to give you an idea of price}
Classy: #3011 // rs. 1800 (est. $28.52)
Black Lycra & Lace Top
    I chose this as my "classy" selection because I feel that black is always classy, but the subtle lace at the top, with the sweetheart outline, along with the panel in the back keeps this item modest, with a modern adaptation.

Sexy/Sassy: #2010 // rs. 2400 (est. $38.02)
Yellow & Black Peplum Top with Mesh Inserts

   This Peplum top is so much fun! The sunny sleeveless peplum offers a subtle yet sexy vibe that could work for a night on the town, but throw on a tailored blazer and you're ready for work!

Party: #3002 // rs. 2500 (est. $39.61)
Black Lycra and Gold Sequin Dress
    This beauty comes in two options, a side slit, and this front slit. This item immediately sang out "Party Time!" to me. You could wear this to a company party, new years eve, or even just a girls night out!

Office: #3005 // rs. 1600 (est. $25.35)
White Shirt with Neon Insert
    Office wear with a twist! There's no need to wear totally boring basics to work. This neon panel give this simple button down a fun, updated flair.

Daily: #2014 // rs. 2700 (est. $42.78)
Black Jersey Bodice and Neon Orange Skirt Maxi

    I'm pretty confident this Maxi Skirt speaks for itself. Maxi's are my all time favorite things to wear, and I would wear one every day if I could, which is why I chose this as my "daily" selection! I adore this bright orange color, it looks so versatile and I could see myself wearing this in a number of different ways, through the seasons.

   I'm honored and delighted to have been able to write this review. I can't wait for the inevitable expansion of this brand, so that I can get my hands on a few of these unique and gorgeous pieces! 

Let's talk about it!: What was your favorite out of the 5 pieces I chose? What pieces from the #2000 and #3000 collections would you choose for these categories? Any items that just really struck your fancy? Let me know in the comments below, and when you're done, be sure to hop on over to the OLIV Facebook Page and give them a like to stay up to date on upcoming collections!

**All photos are the property of OLIV. I did not take these photos, or model any articles of clothing. This is not a sponsored review and I am not directly affiliated in any way, shape or form with OLIV or any other product or brand named above. **

Monday, August 19, 2013

Motivation Monday: Staying Positive + Giving Back

Here are 5 happy/pretty quotes/photos to help you get through your week and stay inspired/motivated in whatever you do! 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ipsy Glam Bag Review: "Glamour Academy"

If this is your first time on our blog, WELCOME, and you should know that I ADORE the Ipsy Glam Bag Subscription service. If you've been here before, just skip on down to the overview and welcome back! 

Ipsy was founded by YouTube guru, Michelle Phan. Once you sign up, you take a beauty quiz, and each month Michelle and her stylists select products for you to enjoy! It's that simple!

The best part? It's only $10.00 a month! $10.00!!!!

So, read on ahead and if you feel like Ipsy is something you'd like to try, there will be links with information at the bottom for you!
Now, onto the review...

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Phillip Lim for Target - Favorite Picks!

It has become somewhat of a ritual for me, I stalk the Target Style Facebook page, and wait for the latest designer collection to be announced.

When I saw the Phillip Lim  for Target: Lookbook, I thought to myself, Target has done it again! I was in love with the recent Prabal Gurung collection but surprisingly less than thrilled with the Kate Young collaboration. So I knew I had a 50/50 shot at this one!

The collection, available September 15th, focuses on lots of navy and black, in classic silhouettes. (trench coat, LBD) However, there are some pops of emerald, among other colors, and even a bright orange and blue leopard print to keep us on our toes! 

Mostly, I feel, that the collection is clean, timeless and will be versatile through many more seasons. Phillip Lim is a recent favorite designer of mine, since I saw the preview for his Women's Resort 2014 Collection. (orange pants!) 

With all that said, there are a few pieces that really catch my eye:

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Hello out there in the blogosphere!

We are back and hope you guys are still with us out there. We are excited to return to blogging and hope we can continue to grow and make connections with all of you other beautiful,  talented folk out there in cyber space.

Look for some minor changes around the site and be sure to keep an eye out for my latest Ipsy bag review! 

As always, thanks for reading, we appreciate every view and comment.

-Jessica & Marina