Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Oldest Town in Texas

We all have those distant relatives that live several hours, or states, away. There is an annual pilgrimage out to visit them, cramped in a car for several hours, but it's usually worth the wait and charlie-horses in our legs to get there.

Mine live in Nacogdoches, Texas.  It's about a 2 hour and 15 minute drive up through hills, trees, antique malls, and old drive-in theaters. In Nacogdoches lives the remaining part of my Dad's side of his family. My great-aunt Rachael, she just turned 93 this month and still is beautiful, funny, and alert as ever. Her Children Mona, Lucy & Mark, also live in Nacogdoches along with their husbands, children etc...

They are the sweetest, down-to-earth people you might ever meet. (maybe i'm just biased?) It's always a nice visit drinking coffee, walking around their gardens and just getting caught up on everything. 

This trip, however, we were able to leave earlier and make a pit-stop into downtown Nacogdoches. I haven't been downtown in a long, long time and it was such a beautiful day to walk around, admiring the brick streets, visiting antique shops and getting some sun. 

We ate lunch at The Olde Towne General Store and it was so delicious. Also, if you're ever in downtown Nacogdoches, parking is free everywhere on the weekends!

Now, onto the pic-spam!
Flags inside the Visitor Center
Inside an Antique shop, this place had so many banjos, guitars and dulcimers!
Talking about the flags
Coolest. Car. Ever. Very "Boardwalk Empire"
Just a street view. Does no justice to the beauty of the day though...
A blurry one of my Husband and my "Little E"
My "Little E", Mom and Pops. Yes, my Dad is 6'10" and my Mom is 4'11".
Only photo I manged to grab of myself :)
For those interested:

The shirt, purse, bracelet, watch and jeans are from the Buckle.
Shoes are from Journeys, necklace is from XXI.

Thanks for reading!

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