Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Decoding BB, CC & DD creams.

It started with the BB creams, quickly moved to CC creams and now with Julep announcing pre-orders for their DD cream, I'm starting to wonder just how many letter of the alphabet we will cover with these wonder creams, and what's really the difference between them?

BB Creams-

Defined mostly as a "beauty balm" or "blemish balm". It is promoted as a sort of all-in-one tool to replace layering primers, moisturizers, concealers etc... It can be worn alone, with a primer, or even set with a powder, depending on the coverage you're after. They usually come in a small variety of shades to suit your skin tone.

I've tried one drug-store brand, and while i prefer a fuller coverage, it could be great for these upcoming Texas summer months.

A few drug store brands that are available are Revlon, L'Oreal, Covergirl, Rimmel, Aveeno and Olay. The prices range from about $6.99 (rimmel) to around $16.99 (l'oreal)

Some higher end options include Clinique ($37), Smashbox ($39), Estee Lauder ($45), and Dior ($56).

CC Creams -

Usually defined as a "color correcting" cream, it takes BB's to a new level. It is said to blend and correct uneven skin tones more effectively than a BB cream, which allows for a more even finish.  So far as I can tell, there aren't near as many CC creams available as BB, but this is what I've seen.

Hard Candy (walmart) has one for $8.00
Olay has one available for $24.99

L'Oreal Paris has  Nude Magique: CC Cream. Which are 3 CC Creams available to fight redness, tired skin or dullness. As far as I can tell it is not available in the States yet, but is available for purchased at Boots.

Now, Julep is unveiling their DD cream, a "dynamic do-all" product that you can pre-order for $36. It will supposedly be equipped with "SPF 25, a primer, moisturizer, and anti-aging agent", while being available in four shades. Get the scoop here

They have some pretty rad nail polishes, so I'm interested to know more about and try out their DD cream, which will launch in June 2013. As I find out more, i'll be sure to give you all an update. I'd also like to do a comparison of a same brand BB and CC cream for you all!

SO- What are your thoughts on BB, CC and DD Creams? Have you tried any, or are you curious to try? Let me know your comments and thoughts below! Also, does anyone know why AA as skipped? ;)

Thanks for reading!

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