Thursday, April 4, 2013

Local Spotlight: On-Stage Hair Salon + Win Some Earrings!!

Happy Thursday everyone! The weather has been less than amazing here (cold, wet, cloudy, rainy) and so I have been unable to shoot the latest lookbook! I shall be snapping away this weekend and will have it up for your viewing pleasure very soon!

Until such time, I wanted to do a quick spotlight on a local business and also tell you guys about how you can win some adorable rose earrings from The Market Darling on Etsy.

As some of you may know I recently went back to my pixie hair cut that I had originally gotten back in February 2012. I plan to stop fighting my instincts and just keep it short indefinitely. I'm miserable while it's growing out and when it gets long enough, all I do is keep it up in a pony tail with 1,000 bobby pins.

While on the hunt for the perfect hair salon to help with this giant transition On Stage Hair Salon was recommended to me 6-7 times. I had always tried to avoid "high end" salons and usually went with a quick trim at the mall or even the Wal-Mart Smart Style in desperate times. 

I had no idea what i'd been missing. The staff is friendly, the venue is clean and stylish while remaining comfortable and the hair cutting service was the best i'd ever had. Each hair stylist was unique and you could see their confidence and ability with each snip. I managed to snag an amazing stylist by the name of Haley through a recommendation. 
The pricing was fair for the level of skill and service I received. If you're local and looking for a great place to get your hair cut, makeup done, or have a nice spa day, On Stage is the place to do it!

They have 3 locations:

You can also connect with them on:

Now, want to win some earrings?!

The Market Darling from Etsy is doing a giveaway on Instagram for these adorable hand made rose earrings! For IG, all you have to do is repost the above image and tag #GiveawayDarling and @gweniverejoy for your chance to win! She will be doing the same giveaway on her Facebook and Pinterest from what I hear, so be on the lookout for that as well if you don't have an IG. 

Check out her Etsy shop too! She has some of the most dainty adorable and wildly affordable jewelry I've ever seen there! (ps- The Market Darling did not sponsor me or fund this post in any way! I just really adore her products and wanted to give you all the chance to check them out and maybe win this cute pair!)

Thank for reading! Have a great night! I'm off to watch the premier of Hannibal on NBC and catch on on Bates Motel on A&E. Are you guys addicted to any shows right now? Let me know. I'm a total TV addict! 

(note: This entry was not sponsored in any way shape or form by any company or product named above. If you are looking for a FREE way to promote yourself, give us a shout to see how we can help each other. Thank you!)


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