Monday, March 4, 2013

February Favorites + Prabal Gurung for Target Showcase w/Marina!

February was a pretty safe month for me. I didn't make very many new makeup purchases and pretty much stuck with my everyday makeup look. I will admit to being in a bit of a funk due to the weather and being sick. But, March is an exciting new month with lots of new exciting springtime adventures waiting! So, let's recap on some of my February favorites and a little life update.

While I didn't make many new fashion or beauty purchases, February was not without it's excitement. First, I got to scratch something off my bucket list, seeing Loretta Lynn live in concert! You can read all about it: here. I also got to have my first Mariachi experience while on a mini-date with my husband! Somewhere in between I also tried on false lashes for the first time! I will be doing an entry about this soon, but lets just say it was an interesting day 2 hours from home! Haha! I also competed in the monthly challenge, it was Pop Art! I didn't win but it was a blast and everyone did such an amazing job! The March challenge is a color themed challenge with pinks and yellows!

-SOHO Beauty Blender 
(Blog entry here)
-Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation
-Dr. Scholl's Inserts (life savers!)
-The "diva" fit jeans from Old Navy.
-The amazingly talented and super sweet +Kim Stokes 
(Seriously, check out her blog! Talent!)
-Beautiful, gamer, motivational Michelle Phan
(Check out her YouTube and hit subscribe!)

Honestly, that's it for my February favorites! I hope you can check out the two lovely ladies featured and maybe try out the beauty blender if you've been on the fence about it.

Now, for the moment you scrolled down here for!

Showcase: Prabal Gurung for Target!

Every once in a while something amazing comes into our lives and we wonder how we ever survived without it. This, friends, has happened to me! I have met my 'spirit top' and my life has changed thank to it.

( A 'spirit top' is a top that embodies everything you are as a person, but can be worn.) 

The limited edition Prabal Gurung, mesh and print, button down, sleeveless top (Target - $26.99) is exactly that.

 Not only can it be worn unbuttoned as a best, but it is a beautiful addition to a blazer when completely buttoned.

 The fact that it sleeveless makes it less bulky and allows movement inter cardigans, coats, blazers, and jackets.

Now, I realize that this is a wild print and it needs a strong personality to be worn, but hey, I love me some color. The black color and black mesh detailing, along with the black trim down the center buttons pulls the shirt together and neutralizes the brightness. The traditional dress collar allows you to wear any and all necklaces OVER the shirt instead of underneath it. 

Without a doubt this top is everything I have ever wanted in a piece of clothing: fun, bright, versatile, and sexy without being over the top.

I will be wearing this piece a lot and can't wait to see what other outfits I can come up with!
What piece are you obsessed with? What item makes you feel like you sparkle? Let me know! Also let me know how you would wear this top, and to what type of events would you rock it. 

A big thanks to Captured Photography for the lovely photos of Marina!

See the entire collection.


  1. I love prabal gurung! I am glad Target has such fashionable options (:

    1. Me too! I hear Kate Young will be the April collaboration but so far the Prabal Gurung is my favorite! All of the patterns and clothing structure is so beautiful.

      Thanks for the comment and glad you enjoyed this post!


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