Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review: 2 John Frieda "Full Repair" Products

Howdy everyone! A week ago I did a "confessions" entry where I admitted some of my hair woes and told you guys I would be treating my hair with the John Frieda Full Repair: hydrate + rescue deep conditioner. Well, I'm here to give you all a hair update + a review of the deep conditioner and the style revival, heat-activated spray. (also from the Full Repair line) 

Like I stated in my previous post, I was really drawn to the John Frieda Full Repair line based on some personal and online reviews. Their website has a 100% approval rating out of 27 total reviews, so I thought that really spoke volumes about this product.

I purchased it a Ulta for $7.99, it was originally priced at $9.99 but had a "Save $2 now!" sticker right on top! I thought for the price, compared to others around that range, I couldn't beat it.

Per the instructions on the box the first time I used it I washed my hair and then saturated it with the deep conditioner and wrapped it in a hot towel for 25 minutes. I have used it twice since then as a 5-minute treatment after shampooing and I can honestly say that I'm starting to notice a difference. 

My hair feels softer, but I can still feel the texture of all the damaged ends that I caused. The undamaged top, I've noticed, has been a little less frizzy. I don't feel like it weighs down my hair, since my hair is thick already, this is a plus! On top of that, it smells divine!

Overall I give this a 5-star rating!

I have also been using the Style Revival spray to help further protect my hair from heat damage. 

This is priced at $9.99 from Ulta but I saw it clearanced out at my Wal-Mart for $4.00! I'm not the biggest fan of spray in heat protectors, they usually leave my hair heavy and oily but for that price, and the fact it was the Full Repair brand, I could not pass it up!

I love this spray!  I have no earthly idea why it was on clearance, but it is so amazing. Per the instructions I mist this in my damp hair (about 5 times) and then blow dry as usual. 

First off, smells heavenly! I don't even need to flat iron my hair after using this stuff. It makes my hair so soft and really tames my crazy split ends. Also, totally weightless and zero grease!

Another 4-star rating from me!

I'm aware that the only real thing that will help my badly damaged hair is a haircut, which I have scheduled one for Saturday at my favorite local salon On Stage Hair Salon & Day Spa! I want to go back to my pixie cut, but I also feel the desire to try a short bob with blunt bangs. What do you guys think?

PS - The Ginnifer Goodwin pixie is the cut I got when I chopped it off a year ago. The same one in the post, here. And, my hair is not as long as Lindsey Shaw (Paige from PLL) so it would be right at chin length for me, but would grow out.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you have dry or damaged hair why not give the John Frieda Full Repair hair care line a try!

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