Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Looks We Love: Loud Lips + Why I love March!

-Why I Love March:

I'd like to begin this entry with why I love March so darn much! It dawned on me today as I looked at my over-sized desk calendar that a lot of good things are going down this month. Here are (9) reasons, why I love March 2013.
1. Game of Thrones 2. First day of Spring 3. Grimm  4. St. Patrick's Day 5. Shamrock Shake       
6. My vacation time restarts 7. My husbands 30th Bday 8. Daylight Savings 

Those are the biggest reasons why I love March for 2013. Do you love any of these things too, do you not like them? What are some of your favorite things that happen to you in March? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

-Looks We Love: Loud Lips

It's officially time for spring lips. Bright is in, in a big way this year!  We're spotting all sorts of lovely oranges, corals, roses and tomato reds everywhere. I am a new lover of the bright lipsticks, but it's a full on obsession now. 

I also spotted an article on 5 groundbreaking lip colors for spring over on Total Beauty. It's a really great website with lots of insight on everything from hair care, lip products, health etc... I recommend checking it out! They list a wide range of products in different price points and go into reviews of them as well, so you'll know where they stand among users.

I swatched 4 of my current favorite bright lippies. I planned on wearing them, but I lost round 2 to my false eyelashes and ended up with glue in my eye, so I wasn't feeling the most photogenic. However, fret not because the lovely Marina will grace us with her beautiful face, and 3 beautiful lip colors. So, let's go!

1. NYX- "Pink Lyric" 2. NYX- "Rose" 3. NYX- "Haute Melon" 4. Maybelline- Coral Crush

1. None! 2. CG- "Fairytale" 3. Maybelline- "Vibrant Mandarin" 4. CG- "Spellbound"

Marina says:  I love bright lipstick! There is nothing better than owning a room the second your lips enter a room. To get better color pay off, make sure to apply your foundation to your tips. This will neutralize your lip color and let the brightness shine through. This also helps you keep the color on longer. I am an apply, blot, apply kind of girl. This helps stain the lips an keep the color on longer. I have to admit that I don't use a lip liner or lip brush often. You can if you want to, and the hardcore makeup user in me wishes you would, but I don't, and my lips look just dandy!

Try a bright color! I promise it'll change your life.

We hope you liked our entry on loud lips for spring! What are some of your favorite lip colors? Do you like neutrals, pastels, vivids or even more over the top colors? 

As always, be sure to leave us some comments! We read, respond and appreciate each one. If you have a blog, leave the URL and we'll give you a follow if you want to do the same for us!

Thanks again for reading!
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    1. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!

  2. I'm so glad you found my blog, so I could find yours. I LOVE IT! You are much braver than I when it comes to really bright lipstick colors. I just don't think I pull them off well, you sweetie look fabulous!


    1. Thanks for coming by! It took me bit to get used to seeing the bright lipstick on myself but once I did it was on!


  3. I love the coral colour on you, it looks amazing! Love these lipsticks!

    E x

    1. Thanks for stopping and leaving us a comment! We appreciate it!

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