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Back to Basics: Skincare (oily/combo)

Welcome to the second edition of our Back to Basics series. Throughout this series we will be covering the basics of things like foundation applications, concealing, blush application and more! The basic things you should know, at any age or skill level!

For our first B2B, we covered dry/sensitive skin with Jessica. We have lumped the skincare segment into (2) parts; dry/sensitive and oily/combo. This post will cover the oily/combo types with me, Marina!

Through this post we will go over some basic do's and don'ts, then we will move into some recommended products for an oily/combo skin routine. I will also let you in on which products I use currently and how they do (or do not) really work for me!

Let's get started!

(Do's and Don'ts)

Do: Cleanse your skin ever day before going to bed. This will both keep your pillow clean and keep the oil you produce at night from caking your makeup into your pores.

Don't: Strip your skin with drying cleansers and astringents. This will only create dryness and FORCE your body to create more oil.

Do: Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated is extremely important to keep your skin working properly. It is an organ after all.

Don't: Cover your face with powder to reduce the shine. Use oil absorbing sheets instead.

(My Routine & Recommended Products)

I am a huge fan of restoring my skin barrior and babying my skin a little. I damaged it a lot with harsh toners and scrubs when I was younger. I am going back to basics with my skincare instead of going extra high tech with it. I am sticking with my dermatoligist created lines and they are working VERY well for me. (The lines are Cetaphil and CeraVe). I am also eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and fish to help keep my skin healthy and glowing.

I use a Clarisonic. BEST INVESTMENT! It use it every night when I cleanse my skin with the Glycolic Acid Face Wash. My skin made a big turn around when I started using it. It gently exfoliates and smoothes the skin while helping reduce pour size! (get one)

1. Pre-Cleanse

2. Cleanse

3. Exfoliate

4. Toner/Treatments

5. Moisturizer

5a - daytime
5b - nighttime


Thanks for making it down this far! I hope you enjoyed the second part of our Back to Basics Series dealing with oily/combo skin. If you want to read our first B2B post about dry/sensitive skin, click here!

Please let us know what you thought! Was this helpful? Did you get some new product ideas to try? Do you have any questions, comments, requests or constructive criticism? Sound off in the comments!

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note: all views and opinions expressed in the above post are that of the author only. no intentional copyright, or infringement intended. we are not professionals, please read all product labels for possible warnings and ingredient lists before purchase and use. thank you!

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  1. This post has been such a good read! I know nothing about skin care so it was really helpful, I am going to check out these products and see if they are available in the UK! Thanks for sharing all your tips!

    E x


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