Thursday, February 14, 2013

5 Essential Chick-Flicks

I love a good sappy chick-flick. I mean, what girl really doesn't? It's sort of this understood secret that even though I generally detest the latest Nicholas Sparks movie or Romantic Comedy, there are a few essential love movies that I will covet forever, and can almost always make me tear up. Since it's Valentines day, I thought i'd share (5) of them with you! 

They are not in order, I adore them all equally.

This movie means a lot to me. I was young when it came out in 1999, and it was my first exposure to the late Heath Ledger. As I watched it more the older I got, I began to understand the title. I experienced those feelings, of hating to love someone so much. I also connected with it again when I was old enough to realize the Shakespeare attachment. 

This quirky romantic, comedy, adventure movie is probably one of my most watched. I have seen this movie over 15 times and will watch it many more. I could watch Natalie Portman do just about anything, but watching her listen to The Shins (one of my favorite bands) while looking at Zach Braff is one of my favorites. 

You may all learn soon enough that I have two real weaknesses in this world. Musicals and Ewan McGregor. Put them both together and well, you can imagine my personal joy. The story of the unlikely suitor falling for the fair maiden who is being sought after by another, usually villainous man will never get old. Set it to re-vamped versions of popular songs and you couldn't go wrong! 

Robin Williams blows me away in this film. A widowed man dies in a car crash and begins searching for his wife in the afterlife. The lengths he goes through to be reunited with her after death are equally matched with the sadness he feels when she dies and he is alive by himself. I can't forget the visuals this movie delivers. The scenes are so beautiful and eerie and lifelike it's easy getting lost in this movie.

This quirky love story is about a mentally ill girl who falls in love with Johnny Depp's character who fancy's himself Buster Keaton. All of the characters are so heartfelt and honest, with flaws and endearing qualities. Plus the opening song, I mean, who can resist doing a little dance to that? "I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more to be the man who walked 1,000 miles to fall down at your doooooor" (yes, i did just sing that out while typing it)

I hope you liked my list, and hope it gave you at least one new movie to watch!
Be sure to let me know some of your favorite go-to romantic movies!


  1. I just watched One Day the other night and it was really, really good. I cried. But I cried at ET. So who knows. You should give it a go though :) it's different and the ending is pretty strange. Not your typical happily ever after type thing.


    1. I am definitely a movie crier! I will check it out for sure. I'm needing some new movies to watch, thanks for the suggestion!



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