Saturday, May 4, 2013

DIY: Old Window Re-do

You know those great old windows you see all over pinterest? People turn them into bird houses, head boards, picture frames. The list is almost endless really. 

Well, a while back before I started this blog, I managed to get my hands on one. I've seen them around antique shops, and since the popularity starting going up, so did the price. I managed to snag one that has 10 panes of glass, 5 on top and 5 on bottom! I've seen ones with one 6 panes go for upwards of $40, but I found mine for only $22!

I had been needing something for my bare dining room walls, and knew immediately what I wanted to do with it! Here are some photos and a step-by-step list of everything I did and how it turned out!

When I purchased it, it was missing one pane of glass,
but I thought it added some character. 
I didn't want to paint it, and it didn't need any distressing
done, so I just cleaned the glass with a damp cloth.

Next, I decided how many photos I wanted, and where
I wanted to place them. I printed out 5- 8x10's in B&W
at home. I then added a coating of mod-podge to the
windows I wanted and placed my photos face down. 
After they had dried long enough to secure their position,
I added another layer over the back, to make it more secure.

I let it dry for one hour, and and added a final coat.

*The mod-podge reacted with the ink, and gave the photos an 
aged look, which is what I was going for. If you want, you could
lay the photos face up, to avoid that look.

This is the result, but I felt like it was missing something.
I added an old board to make a shelf and some little knick-knacks.

(the lighting is terrible!)

Voila! The finished result!

I hope you liked my project! Do you like the old window projects? Have you done one yourself? What would you do with an old window if you had one?

Thanks for reading, and I hope you get the chance to take our survey!


  1. I really love what you've done! I've seen old windows repurposed in other ways, but not how you've done it. Really cool!


  2. These are great ideas! Who would have thought that an old window can be used again like the one in these pictures. Good thing recycling has been trending; at least nothing will go to waste especially if it still in good condition. I just remembered my gift to my niece. She always wanted to have an aquarium at her room so I make her one out of the window left from our house reno. I'm surprise when she likes it; she said it looks cool because she has a window to the ocean and even put a curtain on it to make it more believable. #Danielle @


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